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About Total Construction Institute

TOTAL CONSTRUCTION INSTITUTE (TCI) - comes at a time when the building construction industry in Indonesia faces the procurement of human resources, both in terms of the shortage of engineering graduates produced by universities, as well as from the side of the graduates are not ready for life is.

TOTAL CONSTRUCTION INSTITUTE (TCI)-comes with the idea as a place of quality learning experiences, with the vision: "to serve the need for a competent workforce for both internal TOTAL group, or for the benefit of the building construction industry in Indonesia".

The presence of TCI is also a real support for Indonesia's vision 2025. And therefore gradually starting in 2013 training programs that exist in the TCI is also open to be used by the partners who are equally engaged in the building construction industry.

All training programs in TCI comprehensively compiled based on PT TOTAL BANGUN PERSADA Tbk experiences for more than 30 years of building quality buildings. Learning the technical knowledge provided by senior professionals who have had 8-20 years of work experience in PT TOTAL BANGUN PERSADA Tbk. TCI also bring professional teachers for training programs that require special competence in soft skills training program.

During the period from September to December 2012, TCI training program has been tested in internal PT TOTAL BANGUN PERSADA Tbk with good results. TCI training program include: JumpStart, GreatBuilder, GreatManagement, and GreatLeadership where the weight of the material is designed in stages in accordance with the requirements level supervisor, officer and manager. One of the TCI training program, JumpStart training is specifically designed to comprehensively fill the gap competence new graduates Bachelor of Engineering (fresh graduate engineer) or for those whose experience is still minimal, to be ready to use.

About TCI

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