Training Programs


This program is designed specifically to complete “competency gap” for the junior engineers or fresh graduates who are entering the world of work in the fields of construction.


Upon the completion of this program, it is expected that the participants will be able to:

  1. Ready to step in and work in the world of construction according to their respective fields
  2. Be able to explain a broad range of jobs listed in the structure, finishing, mechanical & electrical works
  3. Be able to understand the outline of the work stages in the construction industry
  4. Be able to recognize different types of drawings, their status and their function in construction
  5. Be able to understand the outline of the calculation method of building size and quantity in structure, architect and ME works

Training Module

The Program consists of several modules of the training program that must be taken as a whole because it is designed to provide the big picture about the world of construction. This program is provided for the field of Civil/Architect and Mechanical Electrical.
Modules in JumpStart program:

  1. Project Organisation & Contractual Relationship
  2. Preliminary
  3. Structural Works (untuk bidang Sipil/Arsitektur)
  4. Finishing Works (untuk bidang Sipil/Arsitektur)
  5. Mechanical & Electrical Works (untuk bidang M/E)
  6. Building Construction Equipment I
  7. Site Visit
  8. Presentation & Evaluation
  9. Understanding Construction Drawings I
  10. Perhitungan Quantity I
  11. Safety Awareness

Training Programs

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