Training Programs

GreatBuilder I

This program is designed specifically to complete “competency gap” for the engineers or practitioners to be able to perform jobs such as: Site Manager, Site Engineer, Quality Supervisor, Drafter and Quantity Surveyor as well as in the supervision work.


Upon the completion of this program, it is expected that the participants will be able to:

  1. Overseeing the work/supervision consistently
  2. Aware of the work in accordance with applied standard specification
  3. Identify usage of materials that are suitable for buildings elements types
  4. Know the method of/order of the implementation of the work
  5. Able to identify the needs of equipments required in a project
  6. Recognize the mechanical electrical system in the building
  7. Review design drawings
  8. Calculates the Quantity of work according to the applied standard
  9. Analyzes S-curve as the basis of making weekly schedule

Training Module

The Program consists of several modules of training program that can be taken separately in accordance with the needs of the participants.
Modules in GreatBuilder I:

  1. Pekerjaan Galian, Penahan Tanah dan Pondasi I
  2. Pekerjaan Bekisting I
  3. Pekerjaan Pembesian I
  4. Pekerjaan Beton I
  5. Tahapan Pelaksanaan Pekerjaan Struktur I
  6. Pekerjaan Dinding I
  7. Pekerjaan Lantai I
  8. Pekerjaan Plafon I
  9. Pengecatan
  10. Pekerjaan Waterproofing
  11. Pekerjaan Pintu dan Jendela
  12. Lift & Escalator I
  13. Plumbing & STP I
  14. Electrical I
  15. Hydrant & Sprinkler I
  16. Electronical I
  17. Air Conditioning I
  18. Method of Work Surveyor
  19. Method of Work Surveyor (workshop)
  20. Building Construction Equipment II
  21. Understanding Construction Drawings II
  22. Perhitungan Quantity II
  23. Scheduling & Monitoring
  24. Technical Analysis
  25. Marking on Buildings

Training Programs

Developing Great Builders