Training Programs

GreatBuilder II

This Program is designed for engineers and practitioners in order to analyze problems, give solution to the problem and create a more elaborate planning.


Upon the completion of this program, it is expected that the participants will be able to:

  1. Analyze the causes of failure/problem on the job
  2. Propose preventive solutions
  3. Aware of the stages of earthquake resistant structure planning
  4. Design upcoming work planning
  5. Calculate material necessity
  6. Plan a construction equipment budget
  7. Coordinating design drawings
  8. Perform Quantity calculation ratio checking and unit price analysis
  9. Manage project productivity
  10. Generate image placement of buildings, facilities and equipment to support the construction of multi-story building
  11. Generate schedule and Curve S in accordance to a method that has been created

Training Module

The Program consists of several modules of the training program that can be taken separately in accordance with the needs of the participants, mostly in the form of case studies.
Modules in GreatBuilder II:

  1. Pekerjaan Galian, Penahan Tanah dan Pondasi II
  2. Pekerjaan Bekisting II
  3. Pekerjaan Pembesian II
  4. Pekerjaan Beton II : Concrete Repair
  5. Tahapan Pelaksanaan Pekerjaan Struktur II
  6. Pekerjaan Baja II
  7. Pekerjaan Dinding II
  8. Pekerjaan Lantai II
  9. Pekerjaan Plafon II
  10. Pekerjaan Façade
  11. Pekerjaan Sanitair
  12. Lift & Escalator II
  13. Plumbing & STP II
  14. Electrical II
  15. Hydrant & Sprinkler II
  16. Electronical II
  17. Air Conditioning II
  18. Building Construction Equipment III
  19. Understanding Construction Drawings III
  20. Perhitungan Quantity III
  21. Manajemen Produktivitas Proyek
  22. Site Plan
  23. Material Knowledge
  24. Managing NSC & DC
  25. Pencegahan Kerusakan Struktur Akibat Gempa
  26. Master Schedule & Time Control
  27. Smart Design

Training Programs

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